Next up on "Where Are They Meow": Scamp! Scamp was the last member of our original kitty crew to go to his forever home. He's been there for four months now and feels more at home than ever before.

Merry Scampmas

Merry Scampmas

He lives with his human parents and a cat sister. He's still working on convincing his sister he's a cool cat, but he doesn't let it stress him out too much. He spends his days hard at work as him mom's personal assistant. When he's not munching on wet food, he can be found on the couch waiting for a belly rub.

Photos provided by owner

Photos provided by owner

🎸Lynyrd & Skynyrd🎸

This week on "Where Are They Meow" we're throwing it back to two crowd favorites: Lynyrd and Skynyrd! They won our hearts with their adorable brotherly love, not to mention Lynyrd's charming extra toes #polydactyl 😻😻

Bonded Pair

Bonded Pair


The handsome pair went to their furrever home in November after a few weeks of being Charm Kitty superstars. They now spend their time bathing each other, begging their mom for belly rubs, and people watching out of their favorite window. If you want to keep up with this famous orange duo, you can find them on Twitter at @LynyrdN_Skynyrd

Photo by  @LynyrdN_Skynyrd

🌑 New Moon 🌑

Ever wonder what our Charm Kitties are up to once they get adopted? Today we are starting a new series called "Where Are They Meow?" where we check in with Charm Kitties from the past and see what mischief they've gotten into. Today we start with New Moon, a fan favorite. Curious to know what he's been up to? Well he's had a little name change, among other things! Keep reading below to find out more.

Since his first day at Charm Kitty Cafe, New Moon was a star. One of our favorite memories was dressing him up as taco cat for Halloween (he was curious but skeptical).


New Taco 


Naturally, New Moon did not last for more than a couple of days at the cafe before an application was submitted for adoption. He was scooped up by one our incredible Charm Kitty employees on November 4th and is living his best life now as Louie. He also goes by Lou or Lou-Meister for those that know him well.




Louie is living his best life now at his furrever home with his cat sister Ana. He will always be a part of the Charm Kitty family, but now he resides in Gaithersburg and has an endless supply of cat toys. Life's good!