Charm Kitty Cafe Coworking

When Will the Coworking Space Be Available?

10 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. Only coworking members will have access to the cat cafe during this time. Visitors will have the option of purchasing a day pass, but will be encouraged to return during reservation hours if they aren't looking to work.

What is the cost of the coworking membership?

The cost of a coworking membership is still being determined. Most coworking memberships in Baltimore cost at least $100 a month, Charm Kitty Cafe's membership fee will not be that high. Students will also receive a 20% discount on a monthly membership. In addition to an unlimited monthly membership, there will also be a cheaper passes option where you receive a certain number of passes per month (at a lower rate than one normal day pass costs). We will determine a final cost for each option when the cafe officially opens.

WhAt Amenities will be Provided and why should I work at a Cat CAfe? 

A cat coworking space is something that has never been done before. The coworking space will have everything you would expect from a workspace: wifi, printer and scanner, basic supplies, refreshments, and it will also be connected to a food marketplace with multiple vendors. Free parking on premise. Oh, and cats for when you need to take a break. Why would you work anywhere else? Submit an application below to learn more and get first access when coworking memberships begin.

Coworking Application

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